She sits and spins                 a web of words

Sighing or singing                  as her breath becomes branches

Of what  might  be                   true or not

Where is he she                              is pondering

As the light in the foliage                        goes from golden

To copper to silver                   to none

He                  in whose beautiful eyes she would gaze

What lands is he seeing              what foes what friends

As she bears abandoned                    in that bifurcation

Burning buried bored bothered           not

Waiting and wondering         why not

Light in the foliage          turns golden again

Listens for a                  light intrusion

Longing to look hoping to hold           the web

Where is her brother          her runaway heart

Sleepless before the dawn            she is

Resting never              feeling

Every inch every thought        in between

Sleeplessly spinning        for him all for him

The ocean may shallow before          he shall come

Stars may cease to      no matter

Filament firmaments dilapidate     dawn may drop

Like a lonely tear                    tearing the face

With joy or with sorrow          She spins and she hums

Dreamy eyes dreamy hands         nimble fingers.

Why are you late my only                  what holds you back

It's dark and darker yet                  love be not     lost

Come back come back       none shall be said above.

Shallow all shallow.        Yet she waits to see.

Excruciating experience extremely        cogent

Her shielded web           is ready to uncoil

Heart in the shadows         is aching  dead   dying

The web is there to wed          as gentle as a petal

Of peace                                   as strong as

Gold                                   rushing through the leaves

Again                                   if that is true again

There's no one else           more dearer to hold

There's no one                           else.

She sits and spins                 all ready to embrace

The one she loves           beyond the mortal frame

Yet shall he come          with hollow eyes instead

She will not                   pause

To cast her web to kill                 and care not.


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